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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Afterwords: Forty (40) Fear Fighters – One (1) for each day of Lent

1) When faith flutters in; fear flees.

2) Fight fear and it will flee. Fear is a bully: fight it and it will flee from you forever; run away from it and it will run after you forever.

3) Fear is a bully who tries to take your faith away. Keep your faith and fight your fear. Stand up to your fear and the fear will run away.

4) Don’t let the fear factor make you a loser; rather let the faith factor make you a winner.

5) Break down the wall of fear and build up the bridge of faith.

6) Don’t let fear paralyze you; rather let fear propel you forth instead. Don’t remain frozen in fear; instead move forward in faith.

7) Realize that the evil one does not want us to utilize our God-given gifts and talents and therefore we are tempted with anxieties, doubts, fears, insecurities and uncertainties.

8) In the midst of fear we can have God’s Peace, with the Calmness of God’s Spirit we can know everything is going to be all right.

9) When confronted with fear, at that moment we must make a decision, either fight the fear or give in to the fear and give up on God’s assignment for our life.

10) Faith can fight fear and win.

11) We all face overcoming fear when we endeavor new things.

12) When we face the fear of failure we have already succeeded.

13) Live by the faith factor in a world driven by the fear factor.

14) In order to be a valiant fear fighter we need God’s arsenal of divine weapons, His supernatural fear fighters.

15) Fear and worry are deceptively disguised as overwhelmingly and tremendously important, when in reality they are but a figment of our imagination gone wild.

16) Fear and worry cause clamor, commotion and uproar as they rattle around in our minds. Pray for God’s calm, peace, serenity and tranquility to silence them forever.

17) Fear and worry is wasted energy and emotion that could have been used for something wonderful and worthwhile instead.

18) Don’t listen to the media that creates a culture of fear; listen instead to the Word of God that creates a culture of faith.

19) When anxiety, fear and panic attack; use the Word of God as a powerful antidote instead.

20) Choose to wage war against fear instead of worrying and fearing the worst.

21) Pray for God to calm our fears and fill us with His Faith and Courage.

22) Freedom from fear is found in a foundation of faith.

23) Do not cower in fear; instead be courageous and fight.

24) Win over fear by fighting the victorious fight of faith.

25) Declare God’s Victory in fearful situations.

26) Be faith driven not fear driven.

27) Overcome the odor of fear with the aroma of praising God.

28) God is Greater than the worst fear imaginable.

29) We never have to fear aloneness because we are never alone when we are with God.

30) Be determined to overcome fear and seek God’s Divine opportunities.

31) Fear not what others think of us, fear only what God thinks of us.

32) Fear fighters take advantage of opportunities; don’t wait to be attacked, go on the offensive when the opportunity presents itself.

33) Fear fighters feel the fear and forge forth in faith.

34) The biggest fears we face are not the terrorists among us, but the little voices inside us telling us to fear, to be fearful and afraid, to live in terror and trembling, to live in satan-imposed imprisonment and not in Savior-fulfilled freedom.

35) Stay free from the evil spirit of fear and there will be no defeat.

36) Do not draw back in fear; move forward in faith.

37) Show wisdom by being surrounded by people of character and integrity, who are fearless and willing to die for their convictions in Christ.

38) Let us give God our flaws, faults, failures, fears and allow Him to formulate our future.

39) Live a life totally free from fear.

40) We decide what is going to dominate our life – faith or fear, happiness or hatred, beauty or bitterness.