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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reflection on Father Moreno’s Homily: February 13, 2011

There were four (4) little tables and four (4) little chairs for children.
There were Barbie’s, plastic pistols, coloring books, crayons and stickers.

Father Moreno was doing his Master’s thesis research on how different genders react. He was behind a two-way mirror looking at how boys and girls react differently. A group of five (5) year old little girls came in the room and were asked to sit and don’t touch anything until they were told to do so.

He said some little girls chose the plastic pistols. He recalls this one particular little girl, dressed all pretty and cute, and she picked up the Barbie doll and started tearing off the doll’s arms, legs and hair, all that was left was the doll’s torso. It was shocking to see all the anger this little girl had.

In today’s readings we are told to tear out our eyes and arms; but this is only hyperbole, we are not to take it literally because mutilating our bodies is against God’s will. Hyperbole is exaggerated speech, very dramatic. Jesus exaggerates - he does not lie, he is a storyteller. We are to let go of all the bad that impedes us from God. Spiritually we need to do a lot of tearing out.

Jesus came not to abolish the prophets but to fulfill what they had said. We are not to deny the Old Testament because we need it to understand the New Testament. And the New Testament fulfills the Old Testament. We need both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Today’s readings show us the deeper meaning of what God is telling us. There are two (2) images of Jesus presented: TEACHER and EXORCIST

1) TEACHER: We are to enter a life of holiness, the heart of Jesus; we are to embrace universal holiness, through The Word and Tradition - the Church, His Body. We are to let go and allow Jesus the Teacher to guide us so that we walk in His ways. Holiness is the Person of Jesus, the Image/Icon of The Father. If we know Jesus then we know The Father because The Holy Spirit moves us. It is a free gift but we must be receptive and open. Listen to The Voice of Christ, let Teacher Jesus teach us.

2) EXORCIST: To exorcise means to have authority. To exorcise in the Authority and Power of the Name of Jesus; that Jesus is ruling, not satan. To exorcise not exercise. (As an aside Father said that now he was saying two (2) Rosaries as he was exercising by walking in the pool)

Father asked if anyone had seen the new movie “The Rite”. Father said he was scared to see it. He said that he deals with too many devils in real life and then have to pay to see them.

Authority resides in us. We are to claim Jesus as TEACHER and EXORCIST by spiritually ripping off all the bad. How childish when we are angry. We are not to kill/murder and Jesus says “but I say to you . . ."we are not to be angry, anger is disordered emotions and feelings. Anger can destroy. We are not to destroy someone. We are to look at the internal and not just the external. When we are hurt by someone what goes on in our hearts?

Father gave two (2) quotes from the saints about what holiness means:
1) Turning our will to Jesus
2) Allowing God to surprise us

We are to be with The Lord not against The Lord. We are to have not the wisdom of this world, but we are to have the Wisdom of Jesus who gives the Gift of The Spirit.

This week we are challenged to invite Jesus to be our TEACHER and our EXORCIST and have authority over our hearts.

After Mass Father asked the teenagers and young people to come up to receive an exorcism prayer.