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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Afterwords: Ten (10) Peaceful Pointers to Ponder

1) You are now entering a positive, productive and peaceful place.

2) Make space for God and not for more stuff.
Less stuff, more space, more peace.

3) God, our Peace and Joy, may we live in peace and look forward to each day with joy.

4) Peace is possible; inner peace and world peace.

5) Think peace.

6) God is leading us by granting us peace when we are on the right path and granting us restlessness when we need to redirect our route.

7) Self-exaltation leads to pride, self-deprecation leads to paralysis; only selflessness leads to peace.

8) God’s Way may not seem pleasing and perfect to us; but it is pleasing and perfect to God and it is the only way that leads us to the only peace possible.

9) Silent presence brings peace whereas a plethora of speech can sometimes bring pain.

10) The most peaceful and perfect, safe and secure place is in the Hands of God, in the center of God’s Will.