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LOM 70


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Monday, February 14, 2011

Afterwords: Sweet Sixteen (16) Things about God’s Love

1) Don’t say: “I don’t have anything and I can’t do anything.” We have God’s love and we can pray.
With God’s love and our prayer we have everything.

2) God never sees us as losers, He only sees us with Love.

3) God loves us so much He is sending us angels all around us to guide us and direct us.

4) Only God meets all our needs through His Perfect Love.

5) God is smiling right now as you read this because He wants you to always remember and never forget that He loves you. God loves you so much that He utilizes all means to convey this message to you and right now He is utilizing this blog post to let you know just how much He has always loved you, He is loving you now and He will always love you forever no matter if you believe in Him or not, or if you love Him or not. Always remember and never forget God loves you no matter what you do or don’t do. God loves you unconditionally always and forever.

6) God wants you to know that He loves you and cares about you very much.

7) Receive God’s Love in a new way. Ask God to demonstrate and manifest His Unconditional Love.

8) As we learn to love ourselves as God Loves us, the more grounded and better able we are to love others.

9) Ask God to rescue us, from the routine and rut we may find ourselves in, with His refreshing Love and His renewing Trust.

10) Embrace God’s Love for us so that we can be free to improve our lives and become all we were created to be.

11) God is not mad at us; God is madly in love with us.

12) No anxiety, fear or worry can exist in God’s Love.

13) God loves us with an everlasting love.

14) God loathes the prideful but loves the humble.

15) In the scariest moments of life; move out with God’s Love and Faith and conquer our cowardly fears.

16) There is no rejection in God’s Love, only complete rejoicing; there is no accusation in God’s Forgiveness and Mercy, only complete acceptance.