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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Notes on first mission - January 18, 2011

 (Received in email)

By Josefina Garza

Father Larry spoke about seeing Jesus with our hearts. He said many in the time of Jesus saw Him with their eyes, yet did not recognize Him as the Son of God. It would not matter if he walked physically in front of us; we may not SEE Him. We have to see Him with our hearts. If our hearts are not open, we will not see Him. We must ask God to open our hearts so that we can truly SEE Jesus. When we live in this way, with our hearts open, we are living as God wants. It is a difficult way to live because society dictates that we live the opposite of this.

Father Larry proceeded to say that he would talk about 4 topics: Humility, obedience, purity, and holiness, one topic per day. I remember thinking, "These are all words that apply to the Virgin Mary." He began with a story about a young adult who was going off into the world, to college, I think, and went to see his grandfather for advice. The grandfather said to live by 4 words: calm, patience, love, and humility. Our world encourages the complete opposite: be quick, aggressive, proud, ahead of everyone. This way is very destructive, especially when it promotes pride. Pride is worst than cancer for us because it is at war with humility. God is humble and we are made in His image. How do we know this? Simply look at Jesus. Jesus revealed His humility when He lowered Himself to come into a world of problems and full of weaknesses. He humiliated Himself when he came to be born in a stable, to be born to an unknown Jewish maiden, not a queen. He was born in total humility amongst cows, sheep and donkeys. He knew we needed this example. Then in total humility he allowed himself to be persecuted since his birth when King Herod wanted to kill him. Jesus grew up as an unknown until almost His crucifixion. He died as a common criminal, with a ruined reputation. He did all this so that His mission would succeed.

Then Father Larry says: Mary matched that humility. The Jewish people knew about the prophecy that a Messiah would be born unto them. Young maidens of that day perhaps thought inwardly that they might be the ones chosen. Mary did not think this way; she felt in her heart she could never be the one, because she felt unworthy. She, instead, prayed for whoever would be chosen. Life comes from humility. Mary, in her humbleness, brought forth Life. We as human beings are at home in humility. It is part of our nature, as comfortable as a fish in water or a bird in the air. Humility is when you think, "I don't need anything" versus buying and consuming things all the time. We become the consumed, not the consumers. On the other hand, we are repeatedly blessed as we humble ourselves. The world today sees humility as being a doormat or a pushover. Humility does not dictate that. When we have humility of the spirit we recognize our total dependence on God.

Father mentioned that the Virgin Mary showed true humility when she said, "My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior." He said our Mother teaches us everything in this verse!

Lord, help us to always pray everyday for an open heart that we may truly SEE You. Mother Teresa said that when we invite Jesus into our hearts, even when we whisper it, He always comes. So, Jesus come into our hearts everyday; transform our hearts. Bendiciones, Josefina