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LOM 70


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Afterwords: Twelve (12) Things about Health and Healing

1) Laughter and tears are both healing in different ways.

2) Lord God we pray for healing of our hurts, happiness for our heartbreaks and hope for our hopelessness.

3) Love heals both us and the person we love.

4) We must decide if we are going to hear the voices of disease, death and defeat; or if we are going to hear the sounds of health, life and victory.

5) Far more important than money or material possessions we are investing in memories that we will treasure all of our life, or memories that will torture or torment us all of our life.
God heal all our memories; those we treasure and those that torture or torment us.

6) It is not that the Truth hurts; it is that the hurts can only be healed with the Truth.

7) We hurt ourselves with every lie we tell and we heal ourselves with every truth we tell.

8) If Jesus was thanked by only one of the ten lepers he healed, what can we expect?

9) Do we need this or do we want this?
Is this a need or a want?
Is this a necessity or narcissism?
Is this something we will use or abuse?
Is this happy-healthy-holy or sad-sick-sinful?

10) Heavenly Father my health is in Your Hands,
My happiness is in Your Hands.
Our Heavenly Father says,
My Hands are over your hands,
My Heart is in your heart,
So start hauling hay
To keep your heart healthy and
You can be happy playing in the hay stack.

11) Eating is to keep us healthy, not to make us happy.
Eating doesn’t make us happy, it makes us hippy.

12) Remember it’s a home, not a hovel.
Hoarding is heart and home abuse.
Lord and Redeemer, heal the hurting heart and the hurting home.