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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Afterwords: Seventeen (17) Statements about Success

1) Let us give our failures and our successes to God.
God takes everything and redeems it by His Most Precious Holy Divine Blood.
May we give thanks and glory to God always and in all things.

2) Half our success is simply starting.
Half our failure is failing to finish.

3) Success is defined as reaching the summit of sanctity.

4) Sufferings and struggles are steps on the stairway to spiritual success.

5) Worrying chokes the seeds of success.
Working cultivates the seeds of success.

6) Let us define our own success; don’t let others define our success for us.

7) Losers spend their time sneering at the success of others.
Winners spend their time seeking to become even more successful.

8) We are a success every time we complete a task for God.

9) Don’t let what others think success is define our success; let God define our success in life.

10) Success is: just around the corner, around the next bend, take the narrow road, cross over the bridge, up the mountain, through the woods, cross through the desert, jump over the cliff’s edge and land standing up.

11) Don’t do it your way; do it God’s Way.

12) The ABC’s of Successful Saints:
All Because of Christ

13) Strategy for success: searching for strengths.

14) Guaranteed formula for success: trying to please only God.

15) All that we do produces either seeds of success or weeds of wounds.

16) Define failure and success not as the world does but as God does.

17) Finding faults and failures in others are the easiest things to find.
Searching for the strengths and successes of others are the hardest things to seek.