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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Afterwords: Words

The word “weeds” has the word “seed” in it. See we sew dew.

A play on words is to play with words.

There are so many words that we do not even know about, that we have never seen, that we have never heard.

To expand our horizons is to expand our vocabulary.

We communicate with words and we hit or miss communicate with words.

It is not the words that communicate or hit or miss communicate, it is the sender and the receiver of those words that interprets or misinterprets their meaning.

May God bless the words we send and the words we receive.

The power of one word, the power of one sentence; it can save a life or it can destroy a life.

May we speak words of faith, hope and love and may we hear words of faith, hope and love.