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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Afterwords: Blessings

Have we tried to think about God more this Advent season? Have we tried to be more careful, more thoughtful, and kinder with our words?

Tried is the operative word because it is so difficult, it is such a challenge, it is so very, very hard, because it is so very, very easy to blurt out without thinking and just say what comes as an automatic response.

May God bless our words and may our words be a blessing to others.

Always and in everything turn the negative into the positive, turn the bad into the good, turn the wrong into the right, turn the destructive into the constructive, turn the pessimistic into the optimistic, turn the downbeat into the upbeat, turn the harmful into the helpful, turn the discouraging into the encouraging, turn the inferior into the superior, turn the lackluster into the luminous, turn the mediocre into the magnificent, turn the empty page into the full page.