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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reflections on Father Moreno’s Homily for Sunday, December 19, 2010

Like Saint Joseph was caught up in chaos and confusion and was deeply troubled when he became aware that his bride-to-be Mary was with child and they had not had sexual relations; so are we sometimes caught up in chaos and confusion and deeply troubled.

Like Angels came to Saint Joseph in his dreams to tell him not to be afraid; so Angels sometimes come to us in our dreams to tell us not to be afraid, and some Angels come in disguise and not only in our dreams.

We are not to make decisions in fear.

John Paul II’s first words as Pope: “Do not be afraid.”

Advent: a time of anticipation, a time of longing for the Second Coming – Judgment Day, a time to celebrate His Presence among us.

There is no reason for us to fear, for God is with us; that is what Emmanuel means, “God with us.” 

The Angel told Saint Joseph to Name his Son Emmanuel.

We are to act not in fear but in faith.

We are to be open to the voice of God in the midst of our chaos and confusion and when we are deeply troubled.

We must dream in a “theological” way: “Theo” means “God” and “Logical” means “knowledge or talk”. We are to dream "God-Talk".

We are to praise God by saying, “Into your Hands I commend my spirit.”

Have we changed in these four (4) weeks of Advent, in our journey to Christmas?

Allow God and God’s Angels to speak to us.

When there is bad news and when there are difficult choices to be made say, “I’m going to Trust God.”

God has a plan for each one of us and we must step aside from our plans and embrace God’s Plan.

This week before Christmas we are invited to come and sit in church and don’t ask God for anything, instead praise Him by saying; “Thank you Lord for loving me, Thank you Lord for healing me, Thank you Lord for being with me.”

We are to praise God in the times of our chaos and confusion and when we are deeply troubled.

Like Saint Joseph took Jesus into his home and into his heart; so we are to take Jesus into our home and into our heart.
After Mass, Father Moreno informed the congregation that he had already received his gift in the mail this past week. It was a letter from the Archbishop stating that he was officially assigned to be in Del Rio, Texas for three (3) years, and the congregation responded with a thunderous applause. 

Thank God for answered prayers. God bless Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller for his decision to have Father Moreno assigned for three (3) years in Del Rio, Texas. God bless Father Moreno. God bless the people in Del Rio, Texas.