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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Afterwords: Christmas Every Day

This is the Advent season – anticipation.
We wait for the Coming of Our Lord, we wait in joyful expectation.
We wait with longing.
We wait with yearning.
Will we be disappointed on Christmas Day?
Have we put too much thought into just one day?
But is it really just one day, is it just one, ordinary day, a day like any other of the 365 days of the years?
Christmas is different, it is special, and it is a day like no other.
All around, it is different.
There are Christmas trees and lights and decorations and cheerfulness galore.
If every day were Christmas, if every day could be Christmas, what a wonderful life it would be, a Christmas not just for a season, but Christmas for a lifetime.
Why can’t it be Christmas every day?
There is absolutely no reason why it can’t be Christmas every day!
Let us resolve to life each and every day as if it were Christmas.
What a most joyous life it would be for each and every one of us and for all those around us too!