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Legion de Maria

Legion de Maria

Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary


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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Afterwords: Twenty-five (25) Divine Directives

1.       Be attentive and amenable to Divine Interventions

2.       With a divine weapon in one hand and a building instrument in the other hand, fight and build as the circumstances demand

3.       Delight in deep communion and intimacy with the Divine

4.       Reject demon-attitude/Accept divine-attitude

5.       Discipleship is very dear to The Divine

6.       God wants to give us all of Himself; His Divine Attributes and Divine Personality; His Eternity, Immensity, Immutability, Infinity, Simplicity, Unity; His Knowledge, Intellect, Will

7.       Deliver us into our Divine Destiny

8.       Learn to live in divine moments

9.       Divine destiny is not ordinary like we have planned, but rather it is extraordinary like God has planned

10.   Don’t be discouraged by the devil - Be encouraged by the Divine

11.   Don’t be distracted by the devil - Be attracted by the Divine

12.   Dangerous and difficult times demand Divine devotion

13.   Detonate dangers and diseases with Divine devotion

14.   By Divine Directive we disarm and despoil the devil

15.    Divine Communication with Christ

16.   Dialogue with God until we deduce for ourselves and determine in our mind the things that He has deciphered in His Divine Decree

17.   Biblical perspective - Catholic perspective - Divine perspective - Eternal perspective

18.   God alone has the Master Plan and a Divine Strategy

19.   May we change our perception of ourselves from damaged good to divine gifts

20.   God graciously and generously provides the divine encouragement to strengthen and support us for the tasks to which we are called

21.   Every day we discover the details of our divine destiny

22.   Don’t operate on over-drive; operate on obedience to the Divine Directive

23.   May we always focus on the divine philosophy, the heavenly strategy and the majestic plan

24.   See life in a different light – the dramatic light of Divine deliverance rather than the distorted light of demonic deception

25.   Instead of digital communication try Divine Communication - Instead of social media try Savior Meditation