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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

San Antonio Catholic Women's Conference News for You This Month

Hello, dear friend!

Catholic Women's Conference News for You This Month:
1. **Coordinator's Email Address Change**
2. Important Note for Group Leaders
3. How to give a 'Shout Out' at this year's Conference
4. Speaker Spotlight: Emily Stimpson
5. Special CWC Media Events & Previews
6. Learning about Humility with Blessed Elizabeth
7. Living the Gift of Womanhood

Thank you for all your support & for every prayer!
 I am currently on pilgrimage in the Holy Land with the Pilgrim Center of Hope (June 30 - July 11), and you can count on me praying for you at every holy site. 

This is a picture of me inside Elijah's cave on Mount Carmel!!

Nan Balfour

Catholic Women's Conference
September 19-20, 2014
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX

"Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest."
- Matthew 11:28

Coordinator's New Email Address 
Please note that no longer exists.
Instead, please now use to reach me! I love connecting with you, and would love to hear from you. :) Please drop me a note!

ATTN: Group Leaders Before registering your group for the Conference, please note that the registration service we are using this year, EventBrite, allows you to input only ONE payment for your group... 
  • Online Registration: This means that when you are registering your group of (10) or more women online, payment of $500 or more owed will be charged to (1) Credit Card Account or (1) PayPal Account. 
  • In-Person or Mail-In Registration: If registering by mail or in-person, our staff prefers to receive your payment by cash, or by (1) check, or (1) credit card.

How to Give a 'Shout Out' at this Year's Conference Would your - or your group - like to 'Shout Out' your presence at this year's CWC? There's a new way to do this, making it even easier to connect with other women and groups in your parish / area / city.

Consider placing a ‘Shout Out’ in the Conference Companion Booklet:
Imagine opening your Companion Booklet and seeing a woman or group from your area --- and knowing they attended CWC with you!

Examples (Individual or Group):

Each ‘Shout Out’ is $50, which helps the Conference
accomplish our mission of teaching, encouraging, 
and inspiring women.

Click here to download a printable 'Shout Out' form.      

2014 Speaker Spotlight: Emily Stimpson

I can tell you the moment I was fairly confident we picked a great speaker for this year’s conference.  It was when I saw my college-aged nieces forgo a trip to the mall in favor of sitting and laughing on the sofa together to read Emily’s book, The Catholic Girl’s Survival Guide for the Single Years.

I absolutely knew we had picked a winner when I was about a quarter-way through her latest book, These Beautiful Bones: An Everyday Theology of the Body.  Emily has a grand talent of taking the deep Catholic theological teaching of Pope Saint John Paul II and offering it to her readers in an every-day, do-able and very amusing way.

She reveals in her speaking and writing that though we are made for so much more than the ordinary, it is precisely through our ordinary days filled with housekeeping, work assignments, clothes decisions, grocery-shopping, hanging out with friends and every single other thing we squeeze into 24 hours, that our bodies reveal God and we discover the Divine.

Emily will be speaking both days of CWC 2014: Friday, "The Feminine Genius: What Is It and How Do I Get One?" and Saturday, “These Beautiful Bones: What our Bodies Say.”

Pre-CWC Media Events

Get to know our speakers, and receive a ‘sneak peek’ of topics that will be covered at the Conference!

(Times listed are Central Time Zone.)

Radio / Online:

 July 9 -- speaker Elizabeth Scalia 
(8-9 pm) 
July 16 -- speaker Emily Stimpson 
(8-9 pm)
July 30 -- CWC Founder (11am-12pm) 

Aug. 6 -- speaker Melanie Rigney 
(8-9 pm) 
How to Listen: Guadalupe Radio Network (click for radio stations and online listening options).TV:
Sep. 3 -- speaker Fr. Nathan Cromly, CSJ (8-9pm)
How to Watch: Catholic Television of San Antonio(Time Warner Cable channel 15).

Watch Now Online - June 11 show, feat. CWC founder Mary Jane Fox, coordinator Nan Balfour, and committee member Danielle Smith

2014 Heavenly Patron

Learning about humility from Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity:

"Whoever possesses humility has no need of many words to be instructed: God tells him more things than he can learn; such as the case with the Lord’s disciples.

"Pride is not something that is destroyed with one good blow of the sword! Without a doubt, certain heroic acts of humility, such as we read of in the lives of the saints, give it, if not a mortal blow, at least one that considerably weakens it; but without that grace we must put it to death each day!

"A soul that lives by faith in God’s presence, that has the “single eye” that Christ speaks of in the Gospel, that is, a purity of intention that seeks only God; this soul, it seems to me, would also love in humility."

Living the Gift of Womanhood

Each month, Today's Catholic newspaper is featuring a column called "Living the Gift of Womanhood" which is produced by the Catholic Women's Conference! You can read each column on our website -- just go to this page and add it to your bookmarks. Enjoy a new article each month!

You can subscribe to Today's Catholic, or check out their app in the iTunes store, free for 90 days.

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