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Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 29 - October 2, 2012: "ActsFive29" event taking place in Washington, D.C.


Ever since the first Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally back in
March, new initiatives have been blooming all over the country to
fight the Obama administration's HHS Mandate.

From prayer vigils to rallies to lecture series, people of faith
are finding creative, dynamic ways to fight back against the
anti-life, anti-faith HHS Mandate.

One of the most exciting of these efforts is the "ActsFive29" event
taking place in Washington, D.C. September 29 through October 2.

ActsFive29 is being organized by PAT MAHONEY and
JEFF WHITE, two veteran pro-life leaders of vision and courage.

ActsFive29 involves several components, including four days of
continuous prayer at the White House, a special Rosary event and a
Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally on Sunday the 30th.

ActsFive29 will also include peaceful civil disobedience by a group
of pro-life volunteers, who will be arrested in symbolic defiance
of the HHS Mandate.

The whole 4-day even is inspired by Peter's words to the high
priest in the 5th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles: "We must
obey God rather than men." Get all the details here:

I'm encouraging everyone who lives within a few hours drive of
Washington D.C. to take part in this event -- especially the Stand
Up Rally on September 30.

But even if you can't make it, please keep the ActsFive29 effort in
your prayers from September 29 through October 2.

Yours for Life,

-- Eric

P.S. Another great way to stay involved with the fight against the
HHS Mandate is to keep tabs on the Stand Up Rally website and
Facebook page:

Eric Scheidler
Executive Director
Pro-Life Action League

Tel: 630-896-1200