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St. Andrew Christmas Novena

St. Andrew Novena

St. Andrew Novena


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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Afterwords: Fourteen (14) Fear Fighters


1.       Cast out fear and catch faith

2.       Our Faith Is a Fighting Faith and a Fearless Faith 


3.       Pray to be transformed from self-conscious to Savior-conscious and from fearful to faithful 


4.       Fear breeds shame and blame; let us not play the shame game or the blame game

5.       May we not live in a secret of fear but may we live in the state of faith 


6.       The Holy Spirit confirms and strengthens us; He makes us confident, bold and immune to manipulation by fear 


7.       The Spirit changes the fearful into the fearless warriors for God

8.       We have no reason to fear if God the Father is for us who can be against us 


9.       God commands us not to be distressed or fearful; obey God’s command 


10.   Recline – relax – chill out; with The Good Shepherd we are the sheep grazing in the pasture, for there is nothing to fear, let us not be afraid 


11.   Fear allows the devil to come in; faith allows the Divine Deity to come in 


12.   Everywhere we go, we bring with us our physical heritage, our emotional heritage of our attitudes, expectations, insecurities, fears, convictions, assumptions, and coping mechanisms; but most importantly we also bring our spiritual heritage of belief, conversion, devotion, faith, inspiration, prayer and Scripture 


13.   Replace pervasive fear with persuasive faith 


14.   When we receive the Spirit from the Father and the Son, we begin to know and trust the Father and the Son so deeply that we can fearlessly face death, endure sufferings and live the risen life