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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Afterwords: Twenty-one (21) Affirmative Answers

1.     Don’t be a problem, be a solution to the problem - Don’t be a question, be an answer to the question


2.     The problem has already been solved in God’s Time - The question has already been answered in God’s Time - The crisis, dilemma or emergency has already been resolved in God’s Time


3.     We keep looking for answers when The Answer is right in front of us


4.     Some questions have “no” answers and some questions have “now” answers



5.     The more questions we have the more God wants to give us the answers


6.     The story of our life is the story of prayer and answers to our prayer


7.     Every prayer which we have uttered will in God’s Time descend as a gentle rain of answers to those prayers


8.     When we live a “life of prayer” we’ll experience many wonderful answers to our prayers


9.     What does all the busy rushing result in? Answer: Fatigue, depression, moodiness, weight gain and chronic stress


10.  Why do people keep asking all the wrong questions, when we already have all the right answers given to us by God?


11.      God is Now and our prayers to God are being answered Now


12.      If we are praying today, our prayer has been answered


13.       Prayers are being answered beyond all imagining


14.       I don’t have any of the Answers, but I know the One who does


15.       God has all the answers to all the questions and only God and no one else


16.       If anyone tells you they have all the answers, don’t believe them


17.       Life without God is about unfulfilled dreams and unanswered prayers - Life with God is about dreams fulfilled and prayers answered


18.       We are never alone; we can always turn to God anytime, anywhere about anything and hear His Answer


19.       God hears all our prayers and He answers them all; Not with our expected response but with His


20.       May no questions be left unanswered


21.       Answers arrive through amazing avenues