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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Afterwords: Fifteen (15) FREE Facts!

1.       Live, Love, Be Free, Pure, Holy and Fully Alive in God

2.       Needless debt and heedless greed keep us from tapping into the power God wants to freely give us

3.       Ask God to be set free from inferiority and insecurity issues

4.       Responsibility is the right road to regret-free living

5.       The journey from regret to regret-free must travel through Reconciliation

6.       Learn to live in the free flowing rhythms of God’s Grace

7.       Learn to live freely and lightly

8.       Live in freedom rather than fear

9.       God initiates a relationship and it is freely entered into by us

10.   That which at first might seem intimidating and difficult can ultimately be as freeing and inspiring as anything we’ve ever had the strength to do for ourselves

11.   The only key to a regret-free life, is knowing at every moment along the way, that we’ve done everything we can

12.   When we receive Holy Communion with faith and love we are truly free from sin, death, satan, hell, damnation, addictions and self-hatred for a perpetual, endless, total and ultimate freedom

13.   God takes us in our selfishness, egotism and compulsions and makes us loving, pure and free

14.   Ahead of us is our freedom and fulfillment

15.   The truth will set us free to find the joy that Jesus wants us to know and have and share