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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

After the Fortnight For Freedom it is time to Forge Forward For Faith And Freedom

The Fortnight For Freedom campaign
called for by the
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
from June 21 – July 4
has concluded and come to a close.

However, it is not over by any means,
it was merely a clarion call
for all Catholics to come home,
to continue to carry the cross of Christ
in our Church and in our Country.

This is not the time for silence and shyness.
This is the time to speak up and stand up.

Religious persecution is rampant
and it ravages the heart, mind and soul
of all Christians in our country.

The Fortnight For Freedom
was only the beginning.
We must bring all believers
into the fray to fight for our freedoms
which are being
trampled, trashed and thrown out.

This is happening under our watch,
let us not waver and wander away from
Jesus Christ who is The Way,
let us not tremble and tarry away from
Jesus Christ who is The Truth,
let us not lament and languish away from
Jesus Christ who is The Life.

Pray to Protect conscience rights.

Pray to Protect religious liberty.

Pray to Protect One Nation Under God.

Mary, Our Lady Liberatrix
(Our Lady of Liberty), pray for us