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Monday, June 4, 2012

Afterwords: Twenty-two (22) truths to Live By

1.      We were all young once and some of us will live to be old.

2.      Die to self, live for salvation.

3.      To dance without moving and to sing without a melody is to live without loving.

4.      Everyone must live with themselves first before they can live with anybody else.

5.      Live a life less cluttered by ignoring innumerable distractions and infinitesimal grievances.

6.      We cannot control how long we live; however, we can control how well we live.

7.      Live freely and lightly!

8.      Pray for God to give us the grace to obey, do and live the impossible.

9.      Wait on God, depend on God and live for God.

10.  The pledge to place Christ first in our lives is one that is easy to say but difficult to live.

11.  Live the victory that God meant for us, not the victimhood of regretting what could have, should have, or would have been.

12.  Live in constant communion with God; receive His constant provision and protection.

13.  We are all called to live out our God-given purpose to the best of our ability by living with intensity, passion and drive.

14.  Live simply. Love seriously.

15.  We are to live a Savior sacrificial providential life, instead of a self sustained prudential life.

16.  Surrender luxury and leisure to live a simple lifestyle, not as the supreme sacrifice but rather as the supreme satisfaction.

17.  We all have only a certain number of calendars to live through in our life, make them all count.

18.  Live in the Lord’s Love.

19.  Ask God to live through us, with us and in us.

20.  Don’t live in regret; live in renewal, regeneration and restoration.

21.  Catholic culture: live it, love it.

22.  Live each day with God’s direction, with God’s peace, with God’s joy, with God’s hope.