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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book explores Cristiada as epic film hits theaters

FOR GREATER GLORY includes contributions from L.A. Archbishop Gomez, Supreme Knight Anderson and FOR GREATER GLORY cast member Verástegui

As the true story of Mexico’s Cristero War for religious liberty opens in theaters June 1, Ignatius Press will publish a companion book to this modern cinematic epic that provides historic perspective and important insight into the ongoing fight for religious freedom today.

For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada is the official companion volume to the film of the same name, which stars Academy Award® nominee Andy Garcia; Golden Globe winner Eva Longoria; legendary Oscar® winner Peter O’Toole; Eduardo Verástegui; and an international cast.

”The 150-page volume, loaded with rare and revealing historical and film photos, is written by Ruben Quezada, a recognized expert on the Cristero War and the Cristiada. English and Spanish editions of the book will be in stores June 15.

Quezada delves deep into the history of this conflict, which rocked North America in the 1920s. He provides a look into the Cristero fighters, the reasons behind the Mexican government’s ruthless persecution of Catholics, the role of the Knights of Columbus in the conflict, the characters from the film who have been canonized or beatified, and many other issues – including the lesson of the Cristiada for those struggling for religious freedom today.

“The cause of religious liberty is much on the minds and hearts of Catholics in this country and around the world,” writes Most Rev. José Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles, in the book’s foreword. “On Jan. 19, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI delivered a remarkable address to a group of U.S. bishops visiting Rome. The Holy Father warned that our American heritage of religious freedom faces ‘grave threats’ from the ‘radical secularism’ of political and cultural opinion leaders who are ‘increasingly hostile to Christianity.’”