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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Afterwords: Remember these (10) things

1.     Remember our call is greater than our fall

2.     Always remember it is not what has happened to us but rather what is happening in us that matters the most

3.     Remember someone is always watching and listening

4.     Remember on the road trip of life there are rest stops along the way

5.     Slow down, take a deep breath of prayer and remember that this too shall pass

6.     We are nothing, but remember God can make something out of nothing

7.     Remember you didn’t invite a negative thought to come in, so don’t welcome it in and don’t entertain it; kick it out and slam the door shut

8.     No one ever stashes our dignity in a drawer somewhere and then later can’t remember where they put it

9.     Remember the radical reality of The Resurrection

10.   Remember it is the devil that discourages us and distracts us – don’t let him do it