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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Afterwords: Mother Mary may we pray during the month of May . . . . .

1.       May Christ change us from being self-seeking to being cross-carrying
2.       May we not be fixated on ourselves but rather focused on God
3.       May we want to give more than receive
4.       May we want to serve more than be served
5.       May we want what God wants
6.       May we decide to live in God’s Love and to live in God
7.       May we want to be a holy one, to be a saint, more than we want anything else in life
8.       May we utilize all the circumstances of our life not to maximize pleasure and minimize pain, but to maximize saintliness and minimize sinfulness
9.       May we be immersed in God’s Word and therefore in God’s Presence
10.   May the Divine Deity defeat all our disorienting darkness, discouragement and despair
11.   May we surrender ourselves to our Savior being struck by the simplicity and significance of Scripture
12.   May God grant us the God-given information and insights to gain his glory
13.   May our spiritual sight always be a perfect 20/20
14.   May the Truth of God’s Word establish us, energize us, encourage us, empower us and enrich us
15.    May we beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks
16.   May we be courageous enough to say “Yes” to God             
17.   May we come to the Lord that He may give us life when we are in sadness, fear, loneliness and hardness of heart
18.   May we let the Lord touch us and comfort us
19.   May we have a willingness to be perfected by God
20.   May we have compassion to identify with others
21.   May we repent of the sin of silence, the sin of inaction, the sin of compliance, the sin of not fighting satan, the sin of not resisting evil
22.   May we leave behind the greatest legacy of life – the legacy of our prayers
23.   May we not say or do anything we will later regret
24.   May we always see ourselves as God sees us
25.   May each human being astound us; each one different and beautiful in their own way
26.   May rest replace restlessness
27.   May we use God’s gifts to us in ways that glorify God
28.   May we thank God for the gift of life itself
29.   May we flourish as God fashioned us
30.   May we learn to distinguish God’s voice from other voices or from our own voice
31.   May we be able to discern whether we are hearing God or the enemy, or our own flesh or the world’s opinions
32.    May we open up to how God may want us to pray
33.   May God change our self-centered dreams into our Savior-centered desires
34.   May the “Acts of the Apostles” become our acts as well
35.   May we commit to fasting and praying for our priests instead of find faults and failings of our priests
36.   May the Spirit inspire us to constantly fast, pray and worship
37.   May we persevere in readiness; always ready to act instantly when Jesus appears in the presence of the person right next to us
38.   May our heart be always filled with God so that we may speak from the abundance of our hearts
39.   May we have a constant, vigilant, living hope
40.   May we receive the Holy Spirit, stay present to Jesus and be ready for Jesus
41.   May we live in the present and present ourselves daily to God
42.   May we follow The Lord and be the Good News for those who follow lucifer and are the bad news
43.   May we disarm, despoil and dismantle satan’s strongholds in Jesus’ Name
44.   May we learn submission and silence in the spirit of Our Suffering Servant
45.   May we bathe in God’s Word
46.   May we not be wounding to others in finding our way
47.   May we focus our telescope of life and refocus on the beauty of the universe
48.   May God place His Hand of blessing upon our head
49.   May we live in God and live in Love
50.   May God teach us and transform us for His Greater Glory