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LOM 70


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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Afterwords: Twelve (12) Things God Has

1)      God has all the power and might to work through overcoming intimidation and timidity.

2)      Be happy with who we are and who God has made us to be.

3)      God has a place, a plan and a purpose for all of us that will bring total fulfillment and ultimate satisfaction to our life.

4)      Be grateful for what God has seen fit to send our way.

5)      God has fully equipped us to defeat all the giants in our life.

6)      God has a plan for our life and He wants us to walk the Him and talk with Him and be with Him so that together the plan can be fulfilled.

7)      We have all the questions; God has all the Answers.

8)      God has all the Answers to all the questions that have ever been asked, that are being asked and that will ever be asked.

9)      We have done nothing. God has done it all.

10)  Do not allow far lesser goals and tasks to distract us and derail our quest for what God has planned for us.

11)  The devil is working overtime to cause our destruction, our pain, our sorrow and our ultimate failure. God has already worked out our construction, our pleasure, our happiness and our ultimate success.
12)  God has provided solutions for all our problems.