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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Afterwords: Thirty-three (33) Great Gems about God in Ten (10) Words or less

1)      Pray for God’s provision and protection.

2)      Release all resentments and make room for God’s restoration.

3)      Clean out the clutter to make room for God.

4)      God is our Rescuer releasing us from our tortuous traps.

5)      God, keep us inspired and moving in the right direction.

6)      Live in the Shadow of God’s Presence.

7)      Look for and embrace the smallest God given opportunity.

8)      Bring glory and honor to God in everything.

9)      When we delight in God everything we do will prosper.

10)  Walk in God’s Light and walk away from satan’s darkness.

11)  God is revealed in Jesus.

12)  Little becomes much when we place it in God’s Hands.

13)  God gives gentle nudges and sometimes not so gentle nudges.

14)  Only with God can we make sense of our existence.

15)  God is the only One who can be counted on completely.

16)  God gives everything meaning.

17)  God accomplishes the seemingly impossible.

18)  Pray to experience God’s Faith, God’s Hope and God’s Love.

19)  Invite God to be the Lord of our life.

20)  Expect God to bless us through others.

21)  Each one of us is God’s Own Masterwork.

22)  Be secure in God’s love.

23)  The consequence of rebelling against God’s commandments is a fatality.

24)  Learn to do everything we do for God’s glory.

25)  Say “Yes” to God; that is the only correct response.

26)  We don’t have to answer to anyone except God.

27)  Every now and then we catch a glimpse of God.

28)  In our most stressful times God smiles and surprises us.

29)  May God prompt and propel us to change our lifestyle.

30)  God says: Let go, don’t hold on.

31)  Our “nothingness” plus God’s “Almightiness” equals Victory.

32)  Our time, treasure and talent are from God.

33)  Listen to God and live.