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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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The goal is not to have a perfectly organized, empty home; our goal is heaven.

“Meditation Matters,” saints and Scripture writing to really help, encourage, motivate, and inspire the readers to simplify and get closer to God and family. The saints are like family; they are there to help you.

“Detaching” is a sense of mortification when you get detached from the things of this world. Decluttering then becomes an opportunity to exercise virtue, an opportunity to love God, an opportunity to give basic hospitality to your family, to your loved ones, rather than like a task a chore or a goal that you have to achieve.

Decluttered home and heart as well, that through simplicity, it’s easier to find God.

Living in a spirit of simplicity, a spirit of holy detachment, wise stewardship, and unconditional love where Christ is the center of our home.

Home becomes a haven instead of a place of chaos and disarray.

Everything is pure gift from our heavenly Father and that we are simply stewards.

When we keep things simple and orderly, our family can really focus on what’s important, which is our relationship with God and each other.

Martha was extremely busy all the time with her housework. She started getting upset at Mary for not helping her when Jesus was there. And Jesus told her, “Well, Mary has chosen the better part.” Jesus wasn’t really telling Martha, “Don’t do your chores.” But I think he wanted to let Martha know that she was losing sight of what was more important. There was a disconnect between Martha’s ritual and her relationship with Jesus. We are called to be both a Martha and a Mary. We need to do our household chores as part of our vocation with the same vigor as Martha did and at the same time have a deep, deep love for Jesus as Mary did.

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