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LOM 70

LOM 70


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Afterwords: Twenty (20) Truths to Think About

1)      God is constantly thinking about us, are we constantly thinking about God?

2)      Don’t live up to what others think is your potential; live up to what God knows is your potential.

3)      It doesn’t really matter what others think of us. It only really matters what God thinks of us.

4)      We may think we’re frugal but we’re really full of fear.  It’s not money we’re hoarding, what we‘re doing is really hiding from life.

5)      We think have all the answers and we just want God to affirm all our answers and make them come true.

6)      In the end it doesn’t really matter what others think of us, what really matters is what God thinks of us.

7)      People are tragically mistaken when they think they can dominate people, control the devil, or manipulate God.

8)      Ignore what others think is impossible; prove them wrong because with God all things all possible.

9)      Think about doing it and it doesn’t get done. Work on it and it gets done.

10)  If we think we’ve arrived, it’s time to leave. If we think we’re here to stay, think again.

11)  Would the boy/girl you once were be proud of the man/woman you now are?  Think about it

12)  Worrying is delusional thinking.

13)  We waste so much time worrying over what other people think about us, when in reality they are not even really ever thinking about us at all.

14)  To truly be with people we must look them in the eye, listen intently to what they are saying and not be thinking of what to say, how to respond or thinking about other things; we must enter into their experiences and explore their world with them.

15)  Think about successes rather than failures.

16)  No wonder we’re homesick, we think our home is here when our home is really in heaven.

17)  Learn to recognize and avoid exaggerated thinking which says “I’ll always . . .” or “I’ll never . . .”

18)  Sometimes we have to know when to let things go, even though we may think we are right. 


19)  We think have all the answers and we just want God to affirm all our answers and make them come true.

20)  God is always thinking about us. Let us always be thinking about God.