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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reflection on Father Moreno’s Homily: February 6, 2011

Let us pray for the grace to understand Scripture and to live Scripture.

Father Moreno said he felt like a blade of grass next to a giant. He was asked to celebrate Mass with Pope John Paul II and other priests. Father Moreno said he felt the power of Pope John Paul II’s presence; he felt the power of his love, not because he was Pope but because he radiated God’s Presence and God’s Love.
A cell phone went off in church and Father asked: “Is God calling you?”, and then he added: “I’m here.” Father said that the devil was not going to deter him from his preaching.

He continued and told us about this little old lady getting off a van; she was bent over and wrinkled and not attractive; however, she radiated power and energy. She was Mother Teresa of Calcutta and she hugged him and said, “You are a priest, be faithful.”
There are people that we want to be with . . . that we are drawn to . . . that we are attracted to. We are attracted to God within them; we are attracted to the Beauty of God within them; we are attracted to the Love of God within them.

He recalled a 40 day retreat that he made in Italy, in a solitary hermitage.The Franciscan friars would leave bread and wine at the bottom of the mountain every day and he would have to climb down to get the best tasting bread and the best wine he ever had.
One night he found himself inundated with tons of fireflies, and there was light everywhere and he told God that he would do whatever God wanted him to do.

We are being challenged, reminded and called to be light.

We are called to be disciples of Jesus, and we must let our light shine, we must let our goodness shine to glorify Our Heavenly Father.

We are to be a conduit, a lighthouse for others that want to know: “Why are you at peace, why are you a person of love, why do you have what I want in the good sense?”
Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa had Jesus The Light.

The Light is our rightful inheritance and we must claim it.

We are touched by the Holy Spirit for good deeds. Good means: 1) the quality of goodness and 2) beautiful. We are to reveal the beauty of Jesus, we are to be beautiful. We are to go into the internal beauty; we are to claim the beauty of God, the goodness and beauty of God.
We are to claim goodness and we are to do goodness.

What we proclaim is what we act out. When we proclaim the positive we will do the positive, when we proclaim the negative we will do the negative.

This week we are challenged to explore our discipleship. To be disciplined is not negative. To be disciplined is to teach. Pray that Jesus will teach us what goodness is and what is beauty is.

Salt-free is tasteless, but salt is flavorful.

We are to be salt and light.
Father Moreno blessed the children and young people to reflect the Beauty of God.